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Activity Profile between Winners and Losers of Silat Olahraga Male Athletes in SEA Games 2015 Men’s 50kg Class A Final (INDONESIA VS VIETNAM)

Abstract The main objective of this study is to identify the technique that used by the athletes that contribute to winning and losing of silat olahraga match in SEA Games Singapore 2015. The data that collected are observations base on video downloaded from YouTube. The analysis are focus on Silat Olahraga Men’s Class A Final Indonesia vs. Vietnam (Day 9) and followed by another 4 video analysis from my group mate from different classes which is Quarterfinal class A 50kg, Indonesia VS Singapore, Quarterfinal class A 50kg, Malaysia VS Thailand, Semifinal class A 50kg, Indonesia VS Philippines  . The indicator that highlighted in this study are stated in material and methods section. The result from this video is, Vietnam win the game and Indonesia lose.
  Introduction Silat is the art of self-defense in indigenous to ethnic Malays and has its origin in South East Asia, dating as far back as the 13th century (Aziz, Tan, & Teh, 2002). According to Aziz et al. (2002) to, silat was pract…

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